Vectra 3D Computer Imaging

Vectra technology allows our patients to preview how they will look with aesthetic procedures such as nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), Breast Augmentation, and Chin Implants.


Vectra Imaging 3D Photographic Simulation

If you are one of many people each year considering aesthetic plastic surgery, we have some great news for you. Recent advances in three dimensional (3D) photography, combined with revolutionary software, now allow patients to preview highly accurate images of how they will look from the various procedure options available to them – and they can do this well in advance of any surgery.

Actual results may vary.

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Seeing an actual image of the expected result allows patients to make more informed decisions about what will be best for them regarding individual choices such as:

  • What breast implant size is right for my body?
  • What will the changes to my nose look like?
  • Will my new nose suit my face?


Actual results may vary.



What to expect

Your VECTRA 3D simulation experience begins with your picture being taken by a specially trained member of the nursing staff at Chris Moss Plastic Surgery. This creates the starting point for the Vectra computer imaging  part of your aesthetic consultation.

Using special simulation software on your 3D picture, we will show you a simulation of the results possible from the aesthetic procedure you are considering. You will be able to experiment with different looks that are possible from the options available until you find the result that you are most comfortable with. Once you have decided on the appearance you prefer, then that simulation image provides information to assist Dr Chris Moss in planning your surgery.

Vectra & Rhinoplasty – FAQ’s

Yes. The Vectra is an excellent communication tool which helps you to describe what you want to achieve from surgery using a digital image you can see. Dr Moss will selectively manipulate the digital image to reshape the nasal contour to demonstrate what is possible in you, depending on your requested changes, your skin and anatomy. Variations in nasal length, nasal width or nostril contour can be evaluated separately or in combination. This allows you to visually confirm the changes you are considering on your actual image – from every angle – while providing Dr Moss with a firm target to plan the operation.

Dr Moss discusses the computer imaging with patients himself because only he knows what is a realistic potential outcome based on each patient’s particular anatomy, nose size and shape, skin thickness and their expectations.  The key is that Dr Moss only images and discusses outcomes that he considers he can realistically achieve. The images are not a guarantee of a result but in most cases Dr Moss gets very close to the computer image. This gives patients an improved level of confidence that they will be comfortable with their decisions. It is important to note that the Vectra 3D produces a simulation of the expected surgical result only. Actual results can and do vary.

VECTRA software includes special tools to demonstrate changes to the size shape and contour of your nose without changing the surrounding shape so you can see how your new nose would look in relation to the rest of your face. Using a precise and complete nasal analysis and his keen aesthetic eye Dr Moss also identifies the attractive features of your nose which should be left untouched. VECTRA analysis helps Dr Moss develop a surgical plan that will produce a balanced result in line with your expectations and aims.

That is a decision you will make with Dr Moss. With the help of the VECTRA 3D Dr Moss can show you what considers he can realistically achieve based on your requested changes, your skin and anatomy.

Vectra & Breast Augmentation – FAQ’s

Yes. You will be able to see how you may look with different size and types of implants. You will also be able to see the possible benefits of a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation.

VECTRA simulations are based on the actual implants that your surgeon will use. It is important to note that the Vectra 3D produces a simulation of the expected surgical result only. Actual results can and do vary.

VECTRA software includes special tools to show the size and position of each breast. Breast asymmetry is very common, and VECTRA analysis helps Dr Moss develop a surgical plan which will compensate for it if necessary.

That is a decision you will make with Dr Moss. VECTRA 3D can show you the possibilities of the procedure, but is not intended as a substitute for a medical consultation.

Disclaimer: Information from Dr Chris Moss, Melbourne, Australia. Photographs are actual patients of Dr Chris Moss who have consented to the use of their images on this website for patient information. Results vary depending on an individuals characteristics and the surgical techniques used. All surgical and non-surgical procedures carry risk. Although before and after photos have been standardised as much as possible, some variation remains in the lighting, posture, facial expression, hairstyle and make-up between images. An extensive range of further photos of Dr Moss’ surgical results is available in the privacy of our clinic in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia.

All photos are watermarked and copyright of Dr Moss. Unauthorised use is prohibited.

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