Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Protruding ears can affect a person’s confidence, especially in childhood where bullying and teasing are common. Dr Moss performs ear shaping and ear pinning surgery (Otoplasty) to correct prominent or bat ears in children over 10 years and adults of all ages. Medicare and private health insurance rebates apply up until 18 years of age. Surgery improves physical appearance and attractiveness which works to enhance self-confidence and esteem.

By correcting the ears, they can appear smaller and in better harmony with the rest of the face. During the procedure, Dr Moss sets the ears back to a normal position, with great care to avoid any operated look.

Dr Moss ensures that the incisions are hidden in a groove behind the ear where they are not detectible. The incisional scars settle within weeks of surgery.


Those with excessively protruding ears can often suffer from embarrassment. When this occurs in childhood, it can cause teasing, psychological problems and impaired confidence.


Excessively prominent ears are set back into a normal position which improves the overall balance of facial appearance and makes the ears appear smaller. The ear looks natural without obvious signs of surgery and the short scars are hidden behind the new ear.

Best Age

  • Children aged over 5 years
  • Adults

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