Recovery, Risks, Anaesthesia & Costs

Patient Information

Recovery and potential risks

Every reasonable precaution and meticulous care are taken throughout your preparation for surgery and after-care to avoid complications. All surgery has risks including wound infection, bleeding and excess scar formation. Dr Chris Moss will thoroughly explain the risks associated with every patient’s procedure and written information will be provided on these.

Every individual surgeon brings their own artistic sense to each procedure. To avoid the risk of dissatisfaction it is vital that you understand and are comfortable with your chosen surgeon’s aesthetic style of results. There are a number of ways that you can assess this – look at representative before and after photographs and ensure that you understand exactly what procedure you are being offered and what the expected results are.

By making the decision to consult a qualified plastic surgeon and by following all of your personal pre- and post-operative instructions you are taking important steps towards ensuring your safety and speeding your recovery. Remember that the success of your surgery is in your hands as well as your surgeon’s.

When planning your return to work or social activities it is important to include the necessary recovery period. One of the main advantages of the deep support techniques used by Dr Chris Moss is that little or no dressings or bandages are required, almost all sutures are absorbable (internal) and the recovery period is kept to an absolute minimum. As an indication, recovery is usually about two weeks for Facelift surgery, and three to seven days for Breast Augmentation. Naturally every individual varies in their healing process and the degree of bruising or swelling that occurs. Easy to read notes are provided on the healing process and how you can assist your own recovery.


Specialist Anaesthetists

There is no safer place in the world to have an anaesthetic than in Australia. The following information is provided to ease your mind and answer some common questions. Dr Moss can reassure you that in all operations he works only with fully qualified and experienced anaesthetists which are medical specialists, being among the world’s most highly trained doctors. An anaesthetist has specialised in anaesthesia, pain control and managing medical emergencies.

Your Questions Answered

Your anaesthetist will visit you before your operation to take a history and medical examination. We urge you to ask any questions you have and your anaesthetist will be happy to answer them and discuss the best way to work with you for your best possible outcome.


Patients quite rightly ask about risks from anaesthesia. Although there are a number of risks and unpleasant temporary side effects from anaesthesia, serious complications are very rare. Modern anaesthetics allow for you to “wake up” more gently and rapidly, plus minimise the side effects commonly experienced in the past. Particular care is taken to reduce nausea, vomiting and any discomfort as this aids a complication-free recovery from your surgery.

General Anaesthesia

Recent studies indicate that general anaesthesia is best performed in an accredited surgical facility or hospital such as The Avenue Hospital. General anaesthesia is particularly suited to more complex or longer operations and may provide a greater margin of safety than “twilight” anaesthesia because the anaesthetic dose is more precise and vital factors such as the airway are optimally controlled. During general anaesthesia the patient is comfortably asleep, allowing Dr Moss to focus his full attention on your procedure without distractions such as unwanted patient movement.

Smaller procedures may be best performed under local anaesthetic with or without sedation, and your anaesthetist will discuss what is most appropriate with you. For all procedures, your specialist anaesthetist is in attendance throughout and remains there until emergence from your anaesthetic is completed.

Day Surgery

The requirements of anaesthesia can be achieved at lower doses of anaesthetic for plastic surgery when compared with more invasive forms of surgery. This means reduced side effects and earlier discharge from hospital. While discharge may be on the same day as surgery, usually about 2 to 4 hours after your anaesthetic, the option of staying in hospital overnight or for longer periods is provided to all of our patients.

Local Anaesthesia

Smaller procedures can be done under local anaesthesia. Sometimes this is used by itself, with no other medications so the patient is awake during surgery. Although the patient may still feel touch, pressure and tugging, they should not feel any pain. It can also be used with sedation to relax the patient during surgery. Local anaesthesia avoids some of the risks and side effects of general anaesthesia but is not suitable for all surgery.

For further information, please visit The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists


Dr Moss places the highest priority on achieving the best possible result from your surgery and advises patients that it is false economy to put your health and appearance at risk by simply shopping for the lowest cost. Satisfaction with your surgery and safety should be your priorities – remember, your result is for a lifetime.


All consultations with Dr Moss are thorough and the process takes 30 to 40 minutes which is why a professional fee is charged. A referral from your local doctor is advisable but not essential. After your initial consultation with Dr Moss we encourage you to return and ask any questions you may have.

Surgery Costs

You will be provided with a total cost estimate after your consultation with Dr Moss. For some procedures including airway surgery and Rhinoplasty, Breast Reduction, and Breast Lift, rebate item numbers may be applicable and your private health insurance should cover a portion of the total costs.

Dr Moss’ professional fee is calculated according to the duration and complexity of your requested procedures. This fee includes the costs for performance of your surgery to the highest possible standard and also your routine after-care. Due to the highly specialised surgical techniques used, Dr Moss’ procedures cannot be generalised or directly compared with procedures performed by other doctors, even though they may be similarly named.

Every detail considered. Every person unique.