Your Journey

Every patient at our centre takes a unique path, tailored to their individual wishes.

Dr Chris Moss, Plastic Surgeon, Patient Journey


Dr Moss and our team are committed to excellent care throughout your journey. We are equally as passionate about cosmetic and plastic surgery as we are about you and your experience with us. We respect your needs and individual wishes. We are here to listen, educate and support you. We care about your story.

Dr Chris Moss, Plastic Surgeon, Patient Journey

First Step

Your first step is to contact the rooms and speak with one of our highly trained and experienced nurses. They will listen to your aims for surgery and provide information on Dr Moss’ advanced surgical techniques and approach, treatment options available, and how we ensure a smooth surgical journey, including our steps for a quick and comfortable recovery.

When you are ready to proceed, we can arrange your consultation with Dr Moss at our purpose built private rooms.

Dr Chris Moss, Plastic Surgery, Patient Journey

Consultation with Dr Moss

We welcome you to Chris Moss Plastic Surgery to meet with Dr Moss and the team. During your consultation you will discuss your aims, preferences and any special requirements with Dr Moss. He will perform a thorough assessment and explain his recommended treatment plan with options as appropriate. In consultation with you, he will then tailor an individualised plan for your surgery. Detailed information on the costs will also be provided to you.

After your consultation, you will be given the opportunity to view before and after photos from those of our patients who have kindly consented to make these available to you. Vectra 3D Computer Imaging is also performed for nose surgery and breast surgery to give you a sense of the expected results.

Plastic Surgery Team

Preparation for your surgery

Once you have made your decision, our experienced and caring team will attend to the finer details of booking and planning your procedure. We will provide you with comprehensive information relating to your pre-operative requirements, as well as your aftercare appointments and instructions. Throughout your journey we are here to support you and answer your queries, so you can feel comfortable as you prepare for your surgery.

As your surgery date approaches, you will attend a pre-operative appointment. Any final steps are completed, and skin treatments may be performed to optimise the conditions for your procedure.

The Avenue Hospital Windsor Melbourne

Your Surgery

As safety and the uncompromising care of his patients are Dr Moss’ utmost priorities, he performs surgery at The Avenue Hospital, a fully accredited private hospital in Windsor. In addition, he is privileged to work with his own personally trained team of theatre staff. This long-standing professional team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in his individual techniques and provide consistency and reliable care in the operating theatre. You may stay a night or two in hospital, or return home on the same day dependent on your procedure and preferences.

Dr Chris Moss, Plastic Surgeon


We understand that a comfortable recovery and quick return to your normal routine are important to you. After your surgery you will return to the rooms for your routine regular review appointments to monitor your healing and ensure a swift recovery. We are available 24/7 on our support phone line to answer any questions, and most patients feel comfortable out in public after just two weeks.

On-Site Accommodation for Out of Towners

Many people travel from interstate and overseas to seek the care and expertise offered by Dr Moss. As part of our practice we have a fully serviced and self-contained one bedroom apartment next door to our rooms available to patients so they can prepare for and recover from their surgery in comfort. Typically, patients stay for approximately 7 to 10 days.

Privacy and Confidentiality Throughout

We understand that privacy and discretion are important to our patients. Our practice is committed to uncompromised care and this extends to the measures we have taken to protect patient privacy. Our premises are specially designed to ensure discreet access – with concealed onsite parking and a rear entrance to the clinic, away from the road. We regularly liaise with clients to prepare for their arrival with privacy arrangements. If you wish to discuss your upcoming visit, please mention this to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your consultation is an important and essential step towards a tailored surgical rejuvenation plan with Dr Moss and will therefore incur a professional fee. You will receive a Medicare rebate for some of this.

A doctor’s referral is not necessary to meet with Dr Moss.

Medicare and some private health insurance providers may cover a portion of the costs depending on the surgery involved. You should discuss your level of cover directly with your insurer after your consultation with Dr Moss.

Every reasonable precaution and meticulous care are taken throughout your surgery and after-care to prevent complications. All surgery has risks, Dr Chris Moss will thoroughly explain the risks associated with every patient’s procedure and written information will be provided on these.

We can reassure our patients that all aspects of your surgery, including the vital precise incision closure, are performed exclusively by Dr Moss.

Your length of stay at The Avenue Hospital depends on the type of procedure you’re having. Some operations only require you to be there for the day or you may stay one or two nights. We will advise you on what to expect during your consultation.

While it is not guaranteed, most patients are afforded a private room.

There is no safer place in the world to have an anaesthetic than in Australia. They are considered very safe – serious complications from anaesthesia in fit patients are less than 1 in 200,000. Dr Moss uses his own specialist anaesthetists who are experts in anaesthesia, pain control, and managing medical emergencies in the very unlikely event they may occur.

All surgery is performed under the supervision of a dedicated specialist anaesthetist who will also provide you with a customised post-operative pain relief medicine regime, to ensure your recovery is comfortable and as pain free as possible. Your wellbeing and comfort are our highest priority.

In line with Dr Moss’ philosophy of providing 360° care for patients, our adjacent Liberty Belle Skin Centre offers treatments and products to further optimise and maintain your results. Contact the clinic on 03 9826 9988 to learn more.

Every detail considered. Every person unique.