Fat Injections (Micro Fat Grafting)

Procedures of the face


Thin and ‘mean’ looking lips, wrinkles and folds around the mouth and eyes, downturned corners of the mouth and flattening of the cheeks or temples. These problems are due to breakdown and resorption of the fatty tissue beneath the skin of the ageing face.


Modern understanding of Micro Fat Grafting (otherwise known as fat transfer) has dramatically improved the survival of fat injections. In expert hands, fat injections are now producing extremely safe and long lasting to permanent results without the need to inject manufactured products (dermal fillers). Very occasionally a repeat treatment is requested to achieve further effect.

Fat is extracted from a fat deposit where there is excess (tummy or thighs) and replaced in the face where there has been loss. There will be some swelling for around one or two weeks following treatment, however bruising is usually mild.

What is the best age for Fat Injections?

  • Lips – Thirties +
  • Mouth and eye area – Forties +

Every detail considered. Every person unique.