Eyelid surgery can be performed for cosmetic enhancement of appearance and for correction of medical problems such as obstruction of visual field, dry eye syndrome or lower eyelid malposition. When necessary, Dr Moss performs cosmetic and corrective eyelid surgery at the same time.

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Cosmetic Eye Surgery
Upper Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Tired, sad or aged looking eyelids due to drooping skin and bulging fat pockets.

More than any other facial feature, the eyes have tremendous impact on your appearance. Most people consider their eyes to be their favourite feature. Unfortunately the appearance and attractiveness of the eyes deteriorates significantly as they age. In fact, the eyes are often the first place to show signs of ageing because the skin is so fine compared with the rest of the face.

Eyelid surgery provides the greatest benefits in facial rejuvenation. It brings tired, drooping or puffy eyelids back to life by re-creating youthful contour and long lasting freshness to the eyelids. To provide natural and precise results Dr Moss uses a specialised internal fixation technique for both upper and lower eyelid surgery.

Advanced internal fixation techniques improve the underlying support to the upper and lower eyelid skin which smooths the skin and re-creates a natural and youthful eyelid shape. Repairing the ageing supports of the eyelids means excess skin removal is avoided, thus avoiding complications and the 'operated look' seen in traditional techniques of eyelid surgery. Virtually imperceptible scars are hidden along the lash line or in the upper eyelid crease where they are easily concealed with everyday make-up.

When appropriate lower eyelid correction may be performed using the transconjunctival approach where fat is removed from behind the lower eyelid, therefore avoiding a skin incision. Results are long lasting to permanent.

Best Age:
Thirties and forties +

1. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty (incision hidden in eyelid crease)
2. Standard lower eyelid blepharoplasty (incision just below lower eyelashes)
3. Transconjunctival lower eyelid fat bag removal (internal incision hidden behind lash line)

Reconstruction / Corrective Eyelid Surgery

The most common causes of functional problems requiring corrective eyelid surgery include ageing, cancer, trauma, birth defects and complications from previous (usually older) techniques of surgery. Reconstructive and corrective eyelid surgery is performed routinely by Dr Moss to treat the following medical problems:

  • Ptosis (droopiness) of the upper eyelids
  • Lower eyelid sagging (retraction) or malposition
  • Dry eye syndrome due to exposure
  • Ectropion (out turning) of the lower eyelids
  • Repair or reconstruction of the eyelids following skin cancer removal or injuries
  • Eyelid cancer removal
  • Eyelid cysts (chalazion), lumps and bumps