Meet Dr Chris Moss

Perhaps best known as the Australian pioneer who redefined our scientific understanding of intricate facial anatomy in the 1990s, Dr Chris Moss’ work has since helped revolutionise modern facial rejuvenation surgery.

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Dr Chris Moss – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Passionately focused on advances at the forefront of his field, he is a highly skilled Plastic Surgeon and renowned expert in twenty-first century facial rejuvenation surgery as well as non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. He relishes being at the cutting edge of his field, and continues to make available technologies and techniques that constantly advance and redefine the possibilities and options available to his patients.

Dr Moss’ state of the art surgical centre is complemented by the Liberty Belle Skin Centre, which provides a comprehensive range of cutting edge, non-surgical, modern aesthetic treatments and technologies, all personally selected by Dr Moss for offering proven results with the highest available safety standards. 

Dr Chris Moss is a Fellow of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Mission Statement

Dr Chris Moss and his team are committed to uncompromised and complete care. They expect excellence in standards, the best possible results and will accept only the finest level of personalised and tailored patient care.

Surgical Philosophy

A personal word from Dr Chris Moss (MBBS, Dip. Anat., FRACS)

We live in very exciting times.  Since I began working with the ageing human face in 1994, our understanding of the field of aesthetic plastic surgery and medicine has grown at exponential pace.

I went through my training during a ‘renaissance’ in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty surgery – a special time that saw the popularisation of deep plane and short incision SMAS facelifts, tarsal fixation blepharoplasty, open structural rhinoplasty and micro-fat injection surgery. These procedures became available in the toolkit of a new generation of passionate modern aesthetic plastic surgeons specialising in the face.  Being there, at the forefront, as the various types of facial rejuvenation surgery developed – only to be again surpassed by even newer methods – to me, the last 20 years in this speciality have been as exciting as they have been revolutionary.

Compared with the “operated” look so often seen with older style techniques, modern facelift surgery incorporating advanced High SMAS technique, deep plane support, vertical lift and shorter incisions, now enables incredible, naturally beautiful results, with the advantage of minimal downtime and virtually undetectable scars.

These powerful techniques, made possible by sophisticated anatomical surgical design, nevertheless remain dependent on expert performance by a surgeon with a refined aesthetic judgment.

I also remain passionate about the field of modern Rhinoplasty surgery for nose reshaping, and the treatment of nasal airway concerns. I use a full range of modern advanced techniques including open structural and preservation rhinoplasty to deliver the best rhinoplasty results with a natural look.

My field continues to grow.  In fact it grows faster than ever before.  Some in the field tell me they simply can’t keep up… I have to admit I find new energy with every new development.  I’m here with my team to savour every moment for the benefit of our patients. 

My philosophy in navigating these rapid currents remains simple:

I only accept the best.

The best tools available to help me communicate with my patients and to understand their desires.

The best standards in patient education, especially in regard to the risks, expectations, limitations and realistic recovery periods for procedures.

The best evidence-based technologies and techniques to deliver treatments in the safest, least invasive and most effective way.

The most natural looking and long lasting results possible, with the least possible surgery and down time.

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the best, completely and utterly uncompromised dedication from my team, myself and, of course…  my hands.

Dr Chris Moss, Plastic Surgeon

Professional Training

Dr Chris Moss commenced his medical training at University of Melbourne Medical School in 1981, graduating with honours in 1987. His residency and General Surgery training was completed at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and The Alfred Hospital. Following this he completed Accredited Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Training in Melbourne. After successfully completing 10 years of training in surgery he was awarded his surgical qualifications (FRACS) in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr Chris Moss held Senior Tutor positions in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Melbourne and at the Stanford University of California, USA. He received a Diploma in Human Anatomy in 1990 and later conducted twelve months of research on the anatomy of the face and its applications to the safe surgical correction of facial ageing.

Following the completion of his Plastic Surgery training in 1998, Dr Chris Moss completed a Travelling Fellowship in the USA to gain experience in the world’s best practice cosmetic surgery techniques for facial rejuvenation and nose reshaping. He was based at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York and also received further training in Los Angeles and Miami. During this training Dr Moss gained expertise in cutting edge techniques for short scar facelift, High SMAS Facelift, advanced deep support Blepharoplasty, structural Fat GraftingRhinoplasty and cosmetic breast surgery.

Upon returning to Melbourne, Dr Moss completed a further Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship with a focus on plastic surgery of the face.

Dr Chris Moss is frequently invited to lecture and teach to peers and colleagues on advances in modern plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic medicine techniques. To remain current and totally informed on all surgical techniques performed, Dr Moss joins with his peers and colleagues in regularly attending national and international conferences.


All major surgery is performed in high quality, fully accredited medical facilities. As appropriate, less extensive surgery can be performed in the procedure room at his rooms in Toorak.

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