Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Expert rhinoplasty surgery is as much about art as it is about science. Nose reshaping surgery is one of the most intricate procedures performed by plastic surgeons and takes decades of determined focus to master.

As the most obvious feature on our face, the nose has a powerful effect on our overall appearance. The shape or size of our nose can make us lack confidence or feel unhappy, and this insecurity can infiltrate our life. Changing the shape of the nose even subtly can profoundly affect how we feel about ourselves both inwardly and within society, so nose surgery must always be handled with great care, technical skill, and artistry. Since it requires careful attention to the tiniest of details, this precise and sophisticated surgery takes time. And the best rhinoplasty is one that will not have to be redone – so get it right the first time!

Dr Moss performs nose reshaping surgery, commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’, to improve the appearance of your nose, but also to improve breathing or to correct structural damage caused by injury or inherited deformity.

Combining skilled aesthetic judgement with the most up to date and advanced nose surgery techniques available Dr Moss aims to deliver a world class result in every patient whether their concerns are cosmetic, functional or both. Each person’s face is unique and so are their individual aims from surgery. Every patient must undergo detailed assessment of their aims and anatomy in order to craft the surgical plan that is optimal for them. Dr Moss understands that for success it is vital that, after thorough assessment, both surgeon and patient must work together to decide on the surgical plan that delivers a result that is both natural and in keeping with each patient’s realistic aims.

The aesthetic aims and any limiting factors will be fully explained by Dr Moss so that you clearly understand the results expected in his individual hands. He uses Vectra 3D Computer Imaging to help demonstrate the results that can be achieved from your surgery including desired changes to the size, shape, balance and proportion of your nose. This rightly ensures you are fully informed, completely involved with the decision making process, and fully comfortable with the outcomes planned.

Rhinoplasty Before and After (oblique) - Dr Chris Moss 1

Open Septorhinoplasty with structural cartilage grafts and tip plasty. This patient desired correction of drooping, boxy tip and straightening of bump on bridge.

Dr Moss – Rhinoplasty Expert

Dr Moss is internationally recognised as an expert rhinoplasty surgeon and has extensive experience in nose reshaping procedures. He is widely acknowledged by his peers for the natural looking improvements he delivers using advanced rhinoplasty techniques. Dr Moss also has extensive expertise in performing complex redo (revisional) rhinoplasty surgery on patients who are referred for management from elsewhere.

Dr Moss was the first Australian member of The Rhinoplasty Society, which is an international society of the most respected nasal surgeons in the world. Membership is by invitation only and requires an extensive screening process. Members are considered innovators in their field and deeply committed to aesthetic and reconstructive nose surgery.

Dr Moss is also a Member of the Australian and American Societies of Plastic Surgeons and the Australian, American and International Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Nose Reshaping Surgery

Nose reshaping surgery is one of the most intricate procedures performed by plastic surgeons and takes decades of determined focus to master. Using advanced structural rhinoplasty techniques, Dr Moss can alter the shape, size or projection of the tip, remove a dorsal bump, and refine the nostrils to bring the nose into aesthetic balance with the rest of the face, without signs of an unnatural or operated look. While excess bulk or dimensions are reduced as needed, for the most stable and permanent results, his proven open structural rhinoplasty techniques also include the use of small cartilage grafts, taken from within the nose, which are used to support and recontour areas of concern within the nasal framework. This ensures the most stable, predictable and permanent results possible from surgery. Fine incisions at the base of the nose between the nostrils are closed meticulously to leave virtually undetectable scarring.

Airway Surgery

Poor breathing due to airway obstruction is a relatively common problem that can be inherited, the result of trauma or injury, or due to collapse of the nasal passages inside the nostrils or nose (called the internal and external nasal valves). Functional rhinoplasty works to help correct nose breathing problems, including a deviated septum. Dr Moss frequently performs surgery to improve the airway, either alone or at the same time as rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic nose re-shaping. In the majority of the surgeries he performs, Dr Moss’ techniques also improve the nasal airways. Patients will not only be able to breath better through their nose, but they can usually look forward to increased exercise tolerance and endurance. Many also report other benefits such as increased ease of breathing when asleep, as well as a heightened sense of smell and taste.

Vectra 3D Computer Imaging for Rhinoplasty

Our VECTRA 3D computer imaging technology uses a number of cameras to take multiple simultaneous pictures of your nose from several different points of view. This is used to build a three dimensional virtual model of your nose. This 3D image can be rotated on the screen and viewed by you from almost any angle. Your three dimensional image can then be processed by our advanced Sculptor 3D software to display an image of the result expected from your rhinoplasty surgery including desired changes to the size, shape, balance and proportion of your nose.

Our patients have reported that being able to see an image of the actual changes they are considering has greatly increased their ability to make decisions on what options they prefer and are comfortable with.

Having an image of themselves (rather than just words) helps our patients communicate their aims and this works to further increase satisfaction levels from surgery.

Once you are confident that you have found the result you will be most satisfied with, then this image can be used by Dr Chris Moss to help develop a surgical plan that is best for you. It is important to note that while it has proven highly accurate, the Vectra 3D produces a simulation of the expected surgical result only. Actual results can vary to a degree as they also depend on factors such as your tissues and healing ability.

The Rhinoplasty Society Logo 2

By invitation, Dr Moss was the first Australian member of The Rhinoplasty Society – an exclusive, international membership of the world’s leading nasal surgeons.

Disclaimer: Information from Dr Chris Moss, Melbourne, Australia. Photographs are actual patients of Dr Chris Moss. Results are dependent on individual characteristics, and thus will vary from patient to patient. Although before and after photos have been standardised as much as possible, some variation remains in the lighting, posture, facial expression, hairstyle and make-up between images. Dr Moss takes pride in his work and thanks these patients who have specifically agreed to the use of their images on this website for the benefits of patient information. We invite you to book in with one of our experienced patient educators to personally assess the extensive range of photos of Dr Moss’ surgical results, available only in the privacy of our clinic in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia.

All photos are watermarked and copyright of Dr Moss. Unauthorised use is prohibited.

Commonly Asked Questions

Restoring appropriate support to the architectural framework of the nose during the procedure is vital to achieving the optimal result in the long term. This usually takes a little extra time and highly skilled techniques, but is worth the investment. Dr Moss customises a natural nose for each patient that suits and balances their individual face. The “cookie cutter” approach is NEVER used and no short cuts are taken. It is false economy to shop around based on the lowest price or the quickest operation as you usually get what you pay for – especially in rhinoplasty surgery. It is important to find a qualified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing both primary and revision rhinoplasty and achieving consistent and optimal outcomes.

Rhinoplasty must create a nose that is in balance with the rest of the face. Dr Moss’ philosophy is to artistically shape each nose so that it suits each person’s individual features. It is vital that the nose should never draw attention away from one’s eyes. Often surgery involves only subtle changes at surgery so risks are minimal and recovery is short. Dr Moss strives for a natural appearance, avoiding at all costs the “operated look”.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult operations in plastic surgery. Modern rhinoplasty techniques involve reshaping the existing nose, usually via an open approach which provides maximal visibility for your surgery. Dr Moss uses a technique of rhinoplasty that emphasizes preservation of nasal structure and strength, with minimal excision of supporting structures. These advanced techniques have significantly improved the quality, accuracy and predictability of the long term results. Rates of patient satisfaction and improved confidence are very high.

Approximately 25% of Dr Moss’ rhinoplasty patients are male. Dr Moss performs nasal implant surgery on Asian men and women with flat noses to augment the bridge line.

That is a decision you will make with Dr Moss. VECTRA 3D can show you the possibilities of the procedure, but is not intended as a substitute for a medical consultation.

The decision to undergo rhinoplasty is a private matter and is a decision that patients have to make for themselves. Good candidates for nose surgery are realistic and self-motivated. They want to improve their appearance for their own satisfaction – not for others! An expert surgeon has the skills and ability to deliver improvements in keeping with what the patient requests, whether subtle or more significant. Successful surgery improves physical appearance, liberates people from their concern about their nose and works to enhance well being. The final result should look refined and balanced yet natural, and undetectable as the result of surgery.

Achieving the best possible long term cosmetic and functional results should be your highest priority. As a perfectionist in rhinoplasty, Dr Moss aims for every nose to look the best it can, breathe well and be in balance with the rest of the face.

After nasal development, usually twenties +

For all patients with large noses, tip deformity, deviation or complicated problems, Dr Moss prefers to use a modern technique of open rhinoplasty in order to best provide benefits such as a smooth bridge line without irregularities, accurate correction of tip problems, and maximal correction of nasal breathing problems.

Open rhinoplasty surgery involves a small incision at the base of the nose to lift the skin, thus allowing the greatest precision and predictability in sculpturing, correcting and re-supporting the tissues of the nose. The ‘operated look’ is avoided at all costs as Dr Moss’ philosophy is that if the result is recognised as a ‘nose job’ then the surgeon has likely failed.

Yes, with our Vectra 3D computer imaging technology you will be able to see how you would like your nose to look. You will also be able to see the possible benefits of rhinoplasty in terms of improving your overall appearance.

VECTRA simulations are based on the actual outcome the surgeon will be hoping to achieve based on your surgical plan. It is important to note that the Vectra 3D produces a simulation of the expected surgical result only. Actual results can and do vary.

Although there may be a degree of bruising it is usually not visible after 10 days by which time most patients are able to return to work. Any pain is usually mild, short-lived, and easily controlled with simple analgesics. Dr Moss does not use nasal packs but a small plastic nose splint is worn for one week. Patients may gradually return to exercising starting two weeks after surgery. Contact sports must be avoided for six weeks.

Dr Moss uses meticulous, proven and effective surgical technique to optimally avoid complications and maximise benefits. All surgery, even in expert hands, has some risks. Although these can and do happen, the likelihood of re-operation and complications are at the lowest ranges in the industry in his patients. Thick skin is the most common limitation seen because it is difficult for thick skin to shrink and conform to the redefined supporting framework of the nose. Surgeons can only do so much with a large nose if the skin will not contract, however Dr Moss is highly experienced in surgery on the ethnic or thick skinned nose and is able to offer patients the best results possible, all without erasing their ethnic identity.

Dr Moss regularly performs corrective nose surgery on patients who have had nose operations performed elsewhere with a less than desired result.

Every detail considered. Every person unique.