A neck lift is a surgical procedure that reduces excess skin or fatty tissue and lifts sagging skin to improve the definition of the jawline. Patients considering a neck lift may express specific concerns about the following:

  • Loose and sagging skin and muscles of the neck
  • Fat deposits under the chin and along jawline
  • Vertical folds of skin or muscle cords at the front of the neck

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Best Age:
Twenties + (liposculpture)
Late Forties to sixties (anterior neck lift)


1. Liposculpture: suction removal of fat pockets along the jaw line, jowls and beneath the chin resulting in improved neckline contour and mild skin tightening.

2. Anterior (short incision) neck lift: uses lasting deep layer platysma neck muscle support to firm the overlying neck skin, redefine the jaw line and smooth vertical skin folds at the front of the neck.

3. Anterior and lateral neck lift: combines an anterior neck lift with removal of excess neck skin (via incisions placed inconspicuously behind each ear and into the hairline).

Necklift Results
Necklift Results