Chin Implants

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Chin Implants

Chin implants can permanently alter the shape of the chin and help give more shape to the jaw line. which is out of balance with the rest of the face and nose, particularly on side profile. A weak chin can result from underdevelopment of the chin bone. Ageing along the jaw line at the sides of the chin can cause the appearance of jowls and a notched, poorly defined jaw line.

Chin augmentation is a short surgery and success depends on the artistic and proper selection of your implant by your surgeon. Chin implant surgery can benefit the young patient with an inherited recessed chin and also the older patient with signs of ageing along the jaw line.

The types of modern silicone chin implants used are designed to ‘wrap around’ the chin and are placed via a small incision under the chin (a common sight for a cut chin following a fall in childhood!). The chin implant is positioned directly on the surface of the bone in a meticulously designed pocket. Fine internal stitches hold the implant firmly in place. Results are permanent.

Injectable Chin Augmentation

This injectable treatment is now available for augmentation of recessed, drooping, or ageing chins and jawlines. This non-surgical treatment provides instant benefit using a clear gel similar to the product used widely for dermal filler injections. This product is naturally occurring and non-animal derived. To date, this type of filler has been used effectively in more than 1,500,000 treatments in 60 countries worldwide. Results last about 1 year.

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