Temple & Brow Lift

Procedures of the face


Drooping of the eyebrows, deep forehead lines, frown lines.
Tired or angry eyes due to brow or temple ageing which has caused a lowered position of the eyebrows.


Modern deep support Temple and Brow lift techniques developed and used by Dr Moss prevent the operated or surprised look by gently lifting the brow while also restoring the natural forehead supports that have aged. Provides a natural looking correction to drooping of the eyebrows, elevating them to the original position they were in before ageing occurred. Correcting sagging eyebrows provides dramatic improvement to the eyes and overall facial appearance. Reverses the sad, tired or angry look with a more youthful, smoother and refreshed appearance.

For an easy to read Temple Lift booklet please contact the office.

What is the best age for a Temple or Brow Lift?

Thirties and forties +


  • Anti-wrinkle injections: Softens forehead lines, slight lift possible.
  • Temple (short incision) Lift: Lifts the outer brows and corrects mild to heavy hooding above the upper eyelids to subtly freshen the eyes.
  • Coronal Brow Lift: Lifts the whole brow and corrects heavy hooding above the upper eyelids. Smooths deep horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead to produce a lasting relaxed brow effect similar to anti-wrinkle injections.

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