Breast Augmentation & Enhancement Procedures

Breast enhancement procedures can considerably improve the size and appearance of your breasts by making them larger, more symmetrical, or more in proportion to your body. Doing so can promote a more positive body image.

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Dr Moss understands that your reasons for wanting breast surgery are personal, and will work with you to determine the best augmentation plan that will suit your individual needs, desires and expectations. He offers a complete range of the most up-to-date surgery techniques for breast reduction, breast uplift, breast correction, and augmentation with breast implants.

Dr Moss is an expert in both breast augmentation and cosmetic nose surgery. As a result, he often performs surgery on the nose and breasts at the same time on appropriate patients.

Right: Bilateral Breast Augmentation.

Bilateral Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants


  • Enlarges breasts to produce larger, fuller and more proportional breasts.
  • Reshapes, firms and enlarges breasts that have lost their shape due to breastfeeding.
  • Balances breasts that differ in size and shape.

Successful breast implant surgery can result in improved body image and greater confidence.

Each breast augmentation option has its own set of benefits, risks and trade-offs. You should not have a breast augmentation with implants unless you understand and accept these risks. Levels of discomfort, or even pain, following a breast augmentation tend to vary, but with Dr Moss’ meticulous surgical technique, most of our patients are back to everyday activities within 3 days of their surgery.

Best age

Twenties +


We offer a range of augmentation options, and Dr Moss regularly performs each of the different procedures available. When it comes to breast implants, options include silicone, saline, round and smooth breast implants placed under or above the muscle, via the breast fold, axilla (armpit) or via the pink area around the nipple (areola).

Occasionally, breast implants may be inserted at the same time as a breast lift when there is an excessive loss of fullness and drooping of the breast (usually as a result of breastfeeding).

Recent developments in techniques and implant technology have enabled breast implant surgery to result in a much more natural look and feel. Only your surgeon can know what is best for your individual tissues, so Dr Moss will spend time with you to trial a range of implants in order to decide which is best. Satisfaction with your new breasts is not possible without taking the time to weigh your options carefully before surgery.

For an easy to read information booklet on breast augmentation, please contact the office.

Dr Chris Moss on Breast Augmentation

“To many women, body image is very important and often certain factors such as pregnancy, heredity, weight fluctuation or ageing can change the shape and appearance of your breasts resulting in a lack of self-confidence. Depending upon your individual needs and desires, I am able to offer a range of the most up-to-date breast surgery techniques for breast augmentation. I understand that your reasons for wanting breast enhancement are very personal and will work with you to determine your individual needs, desires and expectations.”

Commonly asked questions

Choosing to undergo any plastic surgery procedure is a very important decision, as is selecting the plastic surgeon. Dr Moss has performed over 1500 breast augmentation (implant) surgical procedures for enhancement of breast shape and size. Every possible step is taken during Dr Moss’ breast augmentation surgeries in order to produce the most natural appearing breast with optimal safety. All surgery is performed at a fully accredited and state of the art facility at The Avenue Hospital in Windsor. Surgery is usually performed as a day stay however you can stay overnight if you prefer.

Embarking on breast augmentation can be very daunting at first. The best breast size and shape for you is a very individual decision and depends on your personal feelings, wishes, and what your body tissues will allow you to have. There are a number of decisions to be made. These include implant size, shape, and placement, incision site and your preference for silicone or saline. Each of these options is thoroughly discussed and your surgical plan is tailored to your individual requirements. Naturally, satisfaction with your breast surgery depends on you having realistic expectations of what can be achieved for you personally.

It is completely reasonable to want to have ‘normal’ breasts or to want to be your best. Obviously it would be wonderful if you were happy with the breasts nature has given you. However, if this is not the case, then you have the option of breast augmentation which is now the third most common cosmetic surgery procedure for women. Although the “Baywatch breast” always gets a lot of press, the vast majority of women I see request a natural appearance to their breast enhancement.

There are two main groups of women who typically consider breast augmentation: those whose breasts developed inadequately (either small size, uneven size or abnormal shape) and those whose breasts lost shape and fullness after pregnancy. A third group of women have other personal reasons for wanting to enhance their breasts. Some try to correct their problem with push-up bras and inserts however these options do not work well to improve a woman’s body image.

All surgery, even in expert hands, has risks. When surgery is performed by a trained and experience plastic surgeon such as myself, complications rarely occur. During the consultation I carefully explain the possible risks of your surgery so that you can make an informed decision.

At this time there is no scientific evidence that implants cause health problems in breast-fed children.

I have a strict after-care protocol aimed at reducing any discomfort right from the outset. Pain control medications are provided. True, there is a degree of discomfort or pain in the first few days, but despite this, one of the most important things you can do is get moving. The trick is to use enough pain medication to allow gentle upper body movement as this helps you recover more quickly.

Most of my patients prefer day surgery but it is important that they have someone to care for them overnight. Some patients choose to stay overnight in hospital.

A routine recovery to everyday activities is rapid and usually always within 24 hours. This includes caring for small children. Recovery time varies for individuals depending on their motivation, tissues and procedure. By treating your tissues gently at surgery, the surgical trauma is minimized and your recovery is both shorter and easier. It is very important to follow your after-care instructions. By doing this you will speed up your recovery time.

It is important to avoid any aerobic exercise for the first two weeks. If you have an office job it is very common to be back to work after a few days. For more physical work it usually takes about two weeks.

Vectra 3D Computer Imaging for Breast Augmentation

Right: Vectra Simulation of real patient. Actual results may vary.

Our VECTRA 3D machine uses a number of cameras to take multiple simultaneous pictures of you from several different points of view. This is used to build a three dimensional virtual model of the area of your body that you are planning to enhance through plastic surgery. This 3D image can be rotated on the screen and viewed by you from almost any angle. Your three dimensional image can then be processed by our advanced Sculptor 3D software to display an image of the result expected from your surgery including desired changes to the size, shape, balance and proportion of features such as the breast, nose, face or body.

Our patients have reported that being able to see an image of the actual changes they are considering has greatly increased their ability to make decisions on what they prefer and are comfortable with. Having an image of themselves (rather than just words) helps our patients communicate their aims and this works to further increase satisfaction levels from surgery. Once you are confident that you have found the result you will be most satisfied with, then this image can be used by Dr Chris Moss to help develop a surgical plan that is best for you. It is important to note that the while it has proven highly accurate, the Vectra 3D produces a simulation of the expected surgical result only. Actual results can vary to a degree as they also depend on factors such as your tissues and healing ability.

Disclaimer: Information from Dr Chris Moss, Melbourne, Australia. Photographs are actual patients of Dr Chris Moss. Results are dependent on individual characteristics, and thus will vary from patient to patient. Although before and after photos have been standardised as much as possible, some variation remains in the lighting, posture, facial expression, hairstyle and make-up between images. Dr Moss takes pride in his work and thanks these patients who have specifically agreed to the use of their images on this website for the benefits of patient information. We invite you to book in with one of our experienced patient educators to personally assess the extensive range of photos of Dr Moss’ surgical results, available only in the privacy of our clinic in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia.

All photos are watermarked and copyright of Dr Moss. Unauthorised use is prohibited.

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