Breast Augmentation & Reshaping Procedures

Cosmetic breast surgery procedures can address concerns about the size, shape, ageing and appearance of your breasts by making them larger, smaller, lifted or more symmetrical.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person. These images are indicative only and reflect the results for this patient. All surgery involves risks & a recovery period – see below.

Breast Patient Before


Areas of Concern for Treatment

  • Shape & size of breasts.
Breast Patient After


  • Bilateral Breast Augmentation with insertion of smooth surface round shaped breast implants under the pectoral muscle.

The surgical result shown in the ‘After’ image addressed the listed Areas of Concern for Treatment.

Dr Moss and his team understand that your reasons for wanting breast surgery are personal, and they will work with you to determine the cosmetic breast surgery plan that will best suit your individual concerns, aims and expectations. Dr Moss offers a complete range of surgery techniques for breast enlargement and reshaping with breast implants (breast augmentation), breast lift (mastopexy) and revisional breast implant surgery (removal and/or replacement of breast implants).

Dr Moss has over 24 years of experience in breast augmentation and performs this surgery regularly.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person. These images are indicative only and reflect the results for this patient. All surgery involves risks & recovery period – see below.

Areas of Concern for Treatment

  • Shape & size of breasts


  • Bilateral Breast Augmentation with insertion of smooth surface round shaped breast implants under the pectoral muscle

The surgical result shown in the ‘After’ image addressed the listed Areas of Concern for Treatment.

Breast Implants


  • Enlarge breasts to produce larger, fuller breasts.
  • Can restore volume, firm skin and enlarge breasts that have changed shape or lost volume or descended somewhat following breastfeeding.
  • Improve the balance of breasts that differ in size.

Each breast augmentation option has its own set of benefits, risks and trade-offs. You should not have a breast augmentation with implants unless you understand and accept these risks.


Dr Moss offers a range of augmentation options, including silicone and saline filled smooth surface round and tear drop (anatomic shaped) implants. As a routine Dr Moss recommends smooth surface implants and he has been using these in most cases for over ten years. Implants can be placed under or above the muscle, and surgery is performed via an incision placed in the breast crease under the breast. Dr Moss customises his advice on implant size and shape according to each patient’s individual wishes, and he considers this vital for excellence in results. He respects each person’s aesthetic aims and also advises on what surgical plan he considers will be optimal for safety and natural looking results over the long term. For over 20 years he has been using his internal bra suture support technique which he considers vital for optimal aesthetic outcomes and to help prevent implant malposition.

Breast Augmentation – Mastopexy
If you want to have larger breasts and you also have concerns about excessive descent of the nipples and lowering of breasts (also referred to as breast ptosis) then you have the option of having a breast lift (mastopexy) at the same time as placement of breast implants. This is called Breast Augmentation-Mastopexy (breast implants combined with a breast lift). The most common indication for wanting this combined surgery is to replace upper fullness and improve skin tone that has been lost after pregnancy and breast feeding.

Recent developments in techniques and implant technology have resulted in breast implants that have a more natural feel. Dr Moss will advise what he considers is an appropriate range of options for your particular aims, tissues and dimensions. Dr Moss will spend time with you to trial a range of implant sizes and shapes in order to help you decide what is the best breast size for your requirements. To make the right choices about your surgical plan and breast size it is vital that you take the time to weigh your options carefully before any surgery.

For an easy to read information booklet on breast augmentation, please contact the office.

Dr Chris Moss on Breast Augmentation

“Factors such as pregnancy, heredity, weight fluctuation or ageing can change the shape, size and appearance of your breasts. Depending upon your individual aims, plastic surgery offers a range of breast surgery techniques for breast augmentation. I understand that reasons for wanting breast enhancement are very personal and will work with you to determine your individual requirements and expectations.”

Commonly asked questions

Choosing to undergo any plastic surgery procedure is a very important decision, as is selecting the plastic surgeon. Dr Moss has performed  thousands of breast augmentation (implant) surgery procedures. Meticulous care is taken during Dr Moss’ breast augmentation surgeries and he strives for excellence in results with a natural look while avoiding the obviously fake appearance such as the ‘Baywatch’ look.

All surgery is performed at a fully accredited and state of the art surgical facility at The Avenue Hospital in Windsor. Surgery is usually performed as a day stay however you can stay overnight if you prefer.

Embarking on breast augmentation can be very daunting at first. The best breast size and shape for you is a very individual decision and depends on your personal preferences and what your body tissues will allow you to have. If you are to have surgery there are a number of important decisions to be made. These include implant size, shape, and placement, incision site and your preference for silicone gel or saline filled implants. Each of these options is discussed and your surgical plan is tailored to your individual requirements. Naturally, satisfaction with your breast surgery depends on you having realistic expectations of what can be achieved for you personally.

Breast augmentation is now the third most common cosmetic surgery procedure for women. Although the “Baywatch breast” always gets a lot of press, the vast majority of women I see request a natural appearance to their breast enhancement.

There are three main groups of women who typically consider breast augmentation: those whose breasts developed abnormally for medical reasons (either small size, uneven size or abnormal shape) those whose breasts are normal but lost volume changed after pregnancy, and those who have normal sized breasts but request breast enlargement as a personal preference.

All surgery has risks – no matter who performs the surgery. When surgery is performed by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon there will be measures and precautions put in place to help lower the risk of complications occurring. If complications do occur and require further treatment or revisional surgery, then a qualified surgeon is trained to manage such complications. During the consultation, Dr Moss will carefully explain the possible risks of your surgery so that you can make an informed decision.

Different patients will heal differently, and have different pain thresholds and will therefore experience different recovery times for different activities The following possible complications – which apply to all surgeons worldwide – are listed to inform you, rather than to alarm you. A number of these risks are rare and have not occurred to date in Dr Moss’ practice. Further details on the level of any risk in your particular circumstances, including the possible impact of any comorbidities you may have, are provided in your consultation.

All patients are likely to experience some temporary discomfort/pain, numbness or altered sensation around the incisions or operated areas; bruising and swelling; skin discolouration; lumpiness, tightness, fatigue, low spirits; and nausea – typically from the anaesthetics or pain killers, which may require treatment. 

General risks of surgery include wound infection, haematoma (collection of blood under the skin), abnormal scarring or internal scar tissue, bleeding from the incisions, allergies or reactions to anaesthetic agents, medications, sutures or topical treatments, delayed healing or separation of wound edges.

Specific Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery include wound infection; haematoma (collection of blood) or seroma (collection of fluid) that may require surgical treatment; capsular contracture; calcium deposits can form; changed sensation around the nipple, areola and skin; leakage or breakage (rupture) of implants which would require surgical removal; implants may move or rotate causing pain and/or distortion; implant extrusion; breast implanted associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) (a rare cancer of lymphatic cells – not breast cancer); silicone gel diffusion.

Risks of Anaesthesia include tooth damage; heart attack; pneumonia; blood clot in the leg or lung, and stroke. These are uncommon but could be life threatening.

At this time there is no scientific evidence that implants cause health problems in breast-fed children. Many women who have had breast augmentation successfully breast feed their children.

Surgery is performed under General Anaesthetic and Dr Moss has a strict after-care protocol aimed at helping the recovery period. There is a degree of discomfort or pain in the first few days for which pain control medications are provided. Despite this, one of the most important things you can do is get moving. The trick is to use enough pain medication to allow gentle upper body movement as this helps your recovery. Most sutures will be removed after 7 days.

Most of Dr Moss’ prefer day surgery but it is important that they have someone to care for them overnight. Some patients choose to stay overnight in hospital.

A routine recovery to everyday activities such as walking, shopping, washing, grooming and caring for small children usually takes a few days in our patients. Recovery time varies for individuals depending on their pain tolerance, tissues and procedure. Atraumatic surgical technique minimises post-operative inflammation and helps improve the recovery process. It is very important to follow your after-care instructions. Most patients return to office type work by around 7 days. You can return to light exercise (wearing a supportive bra) from about 3 weeks but need to refrain from more strenuous activity for 6 weeks after surgery.

Breast implants have a finite lifespan and will not last forever. Silicone filled breast implants can rupture and leak over time  so all patients choosing to embark on breast implants must be prepared to monitor and treat or replace these accordingly over time.  Since breast implant rupture and BIA-ALCL can occur without symptoms, it is recommended you have regular medical review of your breasts and implants, with scans as needed, to identify any issues. Be aware that breast implants may interfere with mammography.

Breast implants have a finite lifespan and will not last forever. You should consider removal or replacement of your breast implants after 10-15 years and this would involve further surgery and costs.

Vectra 3D Computer Imaging for Breast Augmentation

Dr Chris Moss Breast Augmentation & Enhancement Procedures

Breast Augmentation & Enhancement Procedures

Right: Vectra Simulation of real patient. Actual results may vary.

Our VECTRA 3D machine uses a number of cameras to take multiple simultaneous pictures of you from several different points of view. This is used to build a three dimensional virtual model of the area of your body that you are planning to treat through plastic surgery. This 3D image can be rotated on the screen and viewed by you from almost any angle. Your three dimensional image can then be processed by advanced Sculptor 3D software to display an image of a simulated result from surgery in you including desired changes to the size and shape of features such as the breast and nose.

Our patients have reported that being able to see an image of the changes they are considering has greatly increased their ability to make decisions on what they prefer and are comfortable with. Having an image of themselves (rather than just words) helps our patients communicate their aims. Once you are confident that you have found a result you would be satisfied with, then this image can be used by Dr Chris Moss to help develop a surgical plan that suits you. It is important to note that while it has been shown to have levels of accuracy, the Vectra 3D produces a simulation of the expected surgical result only. Actual results can and do vary as they also depend on factors such as your specific implant choices, genetics, breast tissues, skin quality, diet and exercise.


Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person. These images are indicative only and reflect the results for each patient. All surgery involves risks & recovery period – see below.

Every detail considered. Every person unique.