‘Before and After’ results from expert facelift surgeon Dr Chris Moss

Facelift, Before and After results, Dr Chris Moss

You can expect naturally beautiful results from facelift and neck lift surgery with Dr Chris Moss – an internationally recognised expert in facial rejuvenation surgery .

The SMAS facelift and neck lift performed by Dr Moss will comprehensively lift, redefine and smooth undesirable ageing changes in the treated areas of the face and neck.

Dr Moss’ philosophy is to deliver world class results with a look that is not detectable in any way as the result of surgery. His facelift technique is designed to effectively rejuvenate the face while completely avoiding any operated or pulled look.

This patient complained of sagging cheeks and jowls, a poorly defined jawline and loose neck skin. Dr Moss performed his High SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift techniques to achieve this natural looking result.  To see more visit our results page.

For more information regarding High SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift surgery with Dr Moss please call 03 98269988 or visit the Facelift page.


Photographs are actual patients of Dr Chris Moss. Results are dependent on individual characteristics, and thus will vary from patient to patient. 

Although before and after photos have been standardised as possible, some variation remains in the lighting, posture, facial expression, hairstyle and make-up between images.

Dr Moss takes pride in his work and thanks patients who have specifically agreed to the use of their images on this website for patient information.  We invite you to book in with one of our experienced patient educators to personally assess the extensive range of photos of Dr Moss’ surgical results, available only at our clinic in Toorak.  

All photos are watermarked and copyright of Dr Moss. Unauthorised use is prohibited.