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Liberty Belle is one of Australia's largest and most comprehensive cosmetic medicine centres - specialising in proven non-surgical, cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments. The most popular treatments are anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser skin treatments and tightening, skin care of all descriptions and fat reduction without surgery.

Although our clients include celebrity and public figures that come to us from around Australia and the world, we guarantee every client the highest levels of privacy, confidentiality and service available in the industry.

Headed by renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr Chris Moss, Liberty Belle offers a complete range of the most proven and effective non-surgical treatments in modern cosmetic appearance medicine. The centre maintains an unwavering commitment to excellence in results, safety and care.

Located adjacent to Chris Moss Plastic Surgery in the leafy suburb of Toorak in Melbourne, the purpose built, state of the art clinic is an acknowledged centre of excellence and provides care in a luxurious, friendly and private environment.

Liberty Belle only employs cosmetic nurses and clinicians with the highest levels of experience who, supported by a highly-trained medical team, deliver care with the highest levels of ethics and professionalism. The effectiveness and commitment of our team makes Liberty Belle one of the most unique and progressive facilities of its kind in the world.

Chris Moss Plastic Surgery is seamlessly integrated with Liberty Belle Skin Centre so that every patient has access to full and accurate information on both their surgical and non-surgical options. A practitioner skilled in the full range of modern modalities available is in the best position to provide advice on the relative benefits of surgical versus non-surgical options. In appropriate candidates, non-surgical treatments can provide an attractive and viable alternative to surgery, whereas in others they provide extra yet optional skin enhancement benefits that are complementary to even the finest surgery.

Our full range of non-surgical, cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments provide a seamless continuum of care to help our patients maintain their skin into the future without the need for future surgery. Having surgical and non-surgical care planned and overseen in the one practice is considered highly advantageous for our patients in terms of continuity, results and safety.

About Dr Chris Moss, Medical Director of Liberty Belle Skin Centre

Dr Chris Moss is a national trainer for both Allergan and Q-Med who are the largest manufacturers of cosmetic anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injection products in the world. Dr Chris Moss is also on the Medical Advisory Board for Allergan.  Dr Moss keeps up to date with all the latest advances in non-surgical cosmetic techniques and products by regularly attending international and national scientific meetings. Dr Chris Moss and his team work closely with every patient to best understand the exact results they desire. By combining exceptional training in aesthetic judgement and medical technique, Dr Moss has assured that satisfaction and levels are at the highest levels in the industry and the overdone or unnatural look can be completely avoided.

Dr Chris Moss is in a unique position to best combine the benefits of modern short incision low down time surgical techniques with proven cutting edge non-surgical techniques in order to deliver optimal aesthetic results and safety for his patients. It is considered vital to be experienced and knowledgeable in BOTH surgical AND non-surgical modalities in order to provide accurate information and care covering all the options available in modern aesthetic practice.

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State of the art medical grade and cosmeceutical Skin Care Products

Liberty Belle Skin Centre stocks 7 ranges of active skin care – LIBERTY BELLE RX, OBAGI, RESULTS RX, COSMEDIX, SKINCARE RX, SKINMEDICA and ASPECT Dr - to give you a personalised product that is most appropriate for your skin type and condition. For medical conditions such as acne, pigmentation problems, sun damage and ageing the doctors at Liberty Belle can consult with you and prescribe therapeutic medical skin care treatments as required.

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Liberty Belle Skin Centre website provides up to date information information on the wide range of state of the art skin care products and services available

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