Liberty Belle Rx Skincare

Australia’s trusted brand for results, developed by Dr Chris Moss.

Liberty Belle Rx Skincare, Dr Chris Moss

Dr Chris Moss is renowned for his advanced Plastic Surgery techniques and pioneering research in facial anatomy. Dr Moss is a dedicated facial rejuvenation specialist with a hard-earned reputation as one of the best Plastic Surgeons in the world.

For over 20 years, Dr Moss’ passion for the face has extended beyond surgery to the science and art of non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatments and active skincare. He created Liberty Belle Rx as a range he could rely on and his patients could trust for superior results.

“In keeping with my commitment to excellence in results and patient care, Liberty Belle Rx brings together the most effective balance of innovative and proven actives in one luxurious range.” 

Dr Chris Moss MB BS, DIP. ANAT., FRACS
Dr Chris Moss

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