Facelift Surgery Techniques – Q & A Session with Dr Chris Moss

Facelift Melbourne Before and After (oblique) - Dr Chris Moss 2

I’ve just returned from America where I attended several conferences including the 2015 Aesthetic Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I enjoyed collaborating with my international colleagues and picked up a number of helpful patient case ‘pearls’ to ensure the comfort and experience of our facial surgery patients is at world’s best standards. It is always great to hear what is state of the art in the US and I am glad to report that the modern techniques I use in my practice remain at the leading edge for results and safety.

Facial rejuvenation and the latest Facelift techniques are always the most discussed topics at these events and I thought I would share some of my insight into the most frequently asked questions to assist anyone considering facial rejuvenation surgery.

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Q: Do you feel that facelifts are losing their value because of all the non-surgical facial treatments available or do they still have a place?

Dr Moss: While I am a passionate believer in the benefits of well chosen non-surgical treatments for the face, there will always be a place for effective Facelift surgery when ageing is more advanced and for problems such as excess face or neck skin and deep layer problems which, despite all the hype, are still not able to be effectively treated without surgery. Current evidence is that results achievable with non-surgical procedures are still inadequate for later ageing and deep layer problems. Only facelift surgery firms or removes deeper layer problems and excess face or neck skin so patients with problems such as heavy or loose jowls, sagging cheeks, loose crepey neck skin and thick necks, will require surgery for optimal results.

However, while a facelift improves overall skin tone and facial contour it does not treat the actual skin surface and any volume deflation in the soft tissues. Advances continue to be made in our practice for the treatment of deflation of the face, jawline and mouth area and we are proud to be a leader in this exciting area of effective micro fat injections and volumising HA filler injections. Our techniques are now highly refined to deliver lasting, beautiful and natural-looking refinements and very high levels of patient satisfaction. Non-surgical options are beneficial in treating the different skin surface problems that facelifts cannot address.

Q: What are the latest advances in facelift surgery?

Dr Moss: The advanced facelift surgery techniques used deliver our patients beautiful (or handsome) and natural appearing results with inconspicuous scars and an extended duration of benefit. These benefits justify the extra step of having surgery.

Latest advances now address comprehensive and superior deep support layer treatment via shorter incision techniques – thus resulting in less surgery, faster recovery and less downtime. By combining the lift of a facelift with fill of deflated areas by modern fat injection techniques, I can now firm the loose skin while at the same time also restoring youthful facial shape and contour across most of the face. This combination of treatments routinely delivers world-class results which are virtually imperceptible as due to surgery.

An improved understanding of anatomy, ageing and aesthetics has led to a refined design of High SMAS facelift that delivers the same jowl, jawline and neck firming benefits as traditional facelifts PLUS the added benefit of a mid-face lift (the area of the cheek below the lower eyelid). This provides harmonious rejuvenation of the upper and central cheek, the nose-lip fold, and the mouth area without needing any added procedures such as separate cheek lifts or implanted materials.

Facelift Melbourne Before and After (oblique) - Dr Chris Moss 2

Patient has had a High SMAS Facelift (for cheek, mid-face and jawline), Neck Lift surgery, Eyelid surgery and Micro Fat Injections performed by Dr Chris Moss. Patient also had laser skin resurfacing at Liberty Belle Skin Centre. Results may vary from person to person.

Q: Do you feel that some women are having too many non-surgical treatments for the face and laxity problems that become highlighted by the crepey neck appearance?

Dr Moss: Unfortunately there is no doubt that many people are having excessive non-surgical treatments and this is resulting in problems such as over-filled faces, unnatural or frozen expressions and overly smooth or waxy looking skin. These problems are an aesthetic failure and usually indicate that the treatment techniques selected have not been appropriate for the problem. This usually occurs when problems requiring surgery are managed by those not aware of or unwilling to provide the appropriate surgical options. It is important that patients are aware of all of the options for managing their concerns, including surgery when it is best. A problem that I see too often is the patient who has been given continued filler injections in a flawed attempt to treat facial sagging. This may make skin wrinkles smoother but usually predictably results in an over-filled and puffy-looking face often with smaller appearing eyes and excessively large cheeks. Another problem is excessive muscle-relaxing injections resulting in expressionless or sagging areas that are out of balance with the rest of the face. The price of excess fullness or smoothness here is loss of the face’s attractive definition, expression and individuality.

We now also frequently see patients who have had many injectables and non-surgical skin tightening treatments to their face but still have obvious looseness and sagging in the neck. The person may look improved in the face but still looks aged and tired overall and the young face / old neck appearance looks out of balance and artificial. Significant neck skin laxity and thick necks are impossible to correct properly without surgery and are often what concerned the patient most in the beginning.

The optimal result of rejuvenation treatment, whether surgical or not, should deliver the desired improvements yet have a natural and harmonious look.

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