The European Rhinoplasty Society – Open Rhinoplasty Course 2014

Rhinoplasty, Dr Chris Moss

The European Rhinoplasty Society – Open Rhinoplasty Course – held in Bergamo, Italy, was a great success with experts from around the world joining to share information on the latest advances in nose reshaping and airway surgery.

This has been the most comprehensive meeting ever with 4 intensive and exciting days of learning lasting up to 14 hours per day!

It was an honour to collaborate with fellow expert rhinoplasty surgeons on world’s best practice surgical techniques. While I have used contemporary open structural Rhinoplasty in virtually all of my patients since my commencement in practice, this congress detailed significant new advances in the field- new ways to Retain, Reposition, Reshape and Reinforce the damaged, deformed or displeasing elements in a problem nose. These advances allow me to further improve the quality and predictability of my rhinoplasty results as well as maximise the safety levels for my patients.

One of the things I most enjoyed was catching up again with some of the esteemed colleagues that I have visited and trained with in earlier years including Dr Gilbert Aiach from Paris, Dr Ronald Gruber from California and Professor Wolfgang Gubisch from Germany. Each of these experts is an internationally recognised luminary in the field of open rhinoplasty and together they have been instrumental in helping me develop my philosophy and techniques in nose surgery.

It was also a pleasure to take some time out enjoying the history, architecture and fashion of such a beautiful part of the world. I couldn’t resist the irony of being in Italy for a rhinoplasty masterclass and walking past this well known guy in the street ……

For those with concerns over nasal appearance or airway obstruction, I am proud to be able offer a complete range of state of the art rhinoplasty techniques at Chris Moss Plastic Surgery.


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