Breast Augmentation Surgery: Your initial assessment with us

Dr Chris Moss, Vectra, Consultation

Your first appointment with us when you are considering breast augmentation surgery is with one of our Patient Educators. They will spend time getting to know you and will educate you regarding what you can expect from breast augmentation surgery with Dr Moss.

This initial appointment generally lasts from 45 minutes up to one hour. During this time our nurse will work with you to ensure we:

•  Get to know your reasons for considering breast augmentation surgery and establish your aims and expectations.
•  Introduce our services and surgery to you.
•  Outline what the procedure involves.
•  Allow plenty of time to look at Dr Moss’ before and after images.
•  Discuss Dr Moss’ techniques and the available breast implant options.
•  Use our Vectra 3D imaging technology to simulate your breast augmentation to gain a visual understanding of the end result you are hoping to achieve.
•  Provide some cost estimates.
•  Prepare you for your initial appointment with Dr Moss.

We hope this addresses some of the questions you may have if you are considering surgery with Dr Moss.

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Breast Augmentation, Dr Chris Moss

Stacey & Olivia – Patient Educators

Chris Moss Plastic Surgery

Please note that this information is intended to provide you with general information. It is not a substitute for advice from your plastic surgeon and does not contain all known facts about this topic.