Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr Chris Moss, Breast Augmentation Consultation

The aim of breast augmentation surgery is to enhance your breasts based on your personal desires. In order to help you satisfy your aims it is important for us to understand your needs. Satisfaction with your breast surgery depends on your ability to communicate to your surgeon precisely what you would like.

Your Appointment with Dr Chris Moss

Often patients come to their first consultation with Dr Moss with two lists: one on what they don’t like about their breasts and the other on what they would like to achieve – fuller breasts, more cleavage, a particular cup size, uplifted breasts or a different shape.

Your surgical plan must balance your desires against the individual size and shape of your body and your condition now and also into the future as you age.

Dr Moss will view the Vectra 3D images taken at your Patient Education session and take some measurements to gain a visual understanding of your aims. He will then discuss the available options available along with the pros and cons for you on choosing particular implants.

Dr Moss will guide you through the proposed surgical plan and answer any questions you may have.

The next step is to book a suitable date and time for your surgery and let us support and guide you through your surgical journey.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery, Dr Chris Moss, Plastic Surgery

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